100 Small Dubia Roaches

SKU: DS100

100 Small Dubia Roaches perfect for baby reptiles, inverts, birds, fish, and amphibians. These dubias are under 3/8 inch. This size order may last you 5-12 days depending on the pet.


  • Dubia roaches are the preferred feeder insects for most pet owners.


Dubia roaches are better than crickets because they do not smell, they can not climb smooth surfaces, they do not make noise, they can not infest your house, they can not harm you or your pets (crickets bite).

  • Extremely Important Shipping Information

    These are live insects and they will die if you do not take the proper precautions when ordering. 

    To ensure the live arrival of dubia roaches if your local temperature is above 85F or below 45F select "Hold at Post Office". We ship Monday-Wednesday.

    We ship in small USPS boxes that may fit inside your mailbox. Please note that mailboxes and USPS trucks can get to temperatures upwards of 130F and leaving the box in there for any period of time will kill them. We recommend "Hold at Post Office" if your mailbox is in direct sunlight.

    If they do die due to heat and you have not selected "Hold at Post Office" you will have to order again, we will give you a discount if you provide pictures of the roaches, packaging and the water bottle. 

  • Returns and Refunds

    We will not accept returns.

    If you do not select "Hold at Post Office" as your shipping method and the insects die due to the heat we will not issue you a refund. We will offer a discount on your next order if you provide a picture or video of the insects, with the packaging, and the water bottle. 


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