50 Medium Dubia Roaches

50 Medium Dubia Roaches

50 Medium Dubia Roaches 3/8 - 3/4 inch. This may last your pet a week. This size dubia is very good for juvenile pets. Dubia roaches are the preferred feeder insects for most pet owners. Many species of pets will eat dubia roaches some of those being birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids.  IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: Due to the summer season, make sure to select "HOLD AT POST OFFICE" in shipping if your local temperatures are above 80F to ensure the live arrival of the dubias. If you do not select "HOLD AT POST OFFICE" the dubias will die due to heat in shipping trucks and mailboxes, regardless of ability to quickly retrieve them from a mailbox. Refunds and replacements are not granted for heat-related deaths if "HOLD AT POST OFFICE" is not selected.If this item is out of stock check out the Dubia Plans, they are reoccurring shipments of dubias!

    Important Shipping Information

    • If local temperatures are above 80F or below 45F select "HOLD AT POST OFFICE"

    •  Please note that metal mailboxes and USPS trucks can get to temperatures upwards of 130F. Dubias will die in shipping trucks regardless of the ability to quickly retrieve from a mailbox.

    •  "Hold at Post Office" if your mailbox is in direct sunlight regardless of temperature.

    • We ship in small USPS priority mailboxes that may fit inside your mailbox, be aware of this, and select hold at the post office if the weather conditions are not ideal for your live insects. 

    • Replacements and refunds will not be granted for heat-related deaths.

    • Additionally, I cannot control what the post office does after they have been shipped out. Shipments may be delayed due to covid-19. Please anticipate additional shipping time when ordering. 

    • Orders placed after Tuesdays at 12 PM (CST) will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday. Due to the pandemic, I am attempting to limit my exposure to public settings so I can keep my business open until we get through this rough time. Prior to the pandemic, I'd ship two-three times a week. I plan to return to that schedule when it is safe to do so.

    • Please contact me for more information as my goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchases!

    • IMPORTANT REGARDING REFUNDS: If your dubias arrive dead for ANY reason, you must send me a picture of the dubias, the shipping container, and water bottle. This is so I can determine the cause of death easier and, unfortunately, as a small business, we have encountered people attempting to scam us. Thank you for your understanding!


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